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When I set the weather to very cloudy with overcast, then everytime i climb into the clouds, the screen should be turning gray (orthe colour of the clouds) but when I go into the clouds, they disappear, I can see the ground all the way from 33,000 ft and it is set to be overcast and low visibillty. How can i fly into the clouds and I won't be abvle to see the ground when i enter the clouds??

Sorry for the complex text, but I don't really know how to explain really.

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you need Active Sky to make thick clouds....FS9 default weather cant do that

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Flight Simulator can achieve the effect but you have to set a visibility layer also. Set it as the same parameters as the cloud layer you want and set the visibility to 1/4 mile or less.

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aight.. thanks! 😀😀

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