1930 gee bee and classic racers

Scotty wilhelm Guest

i was wondering if anyone could help me,
i am looking for a fs2004 gee bee racer (1930) or any other period pylon racers as FREEWARE, i have tried abacus and "gbr2v3" to no avail,
please help this bewildered fsimmer,

scotty wilhelm 😳

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RadarMan Chief Captain

If these aren't what your looking for please be more specific next time and I'll try again.
Did you try some of the Tiger Moth's ?




scotty wilhelm Guest

thanks for replying to my post,
i appreciate both your help and speed with my query.
i have had a look through the links you suggested but was looking more for
a high quality fs2004 1930ish pylon racer from the golen age of flight like a granville bros., stearman, curtis ect. of the same quality as the beutiful golden wings (bill lyons) ryan STA.

sorry if this is still very vague but a 1920ish - 1930ish pylon racer (like in the movie rockateer). appreciate the help,
scotty wilhelm

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Sorry I haven't seen the movie yet.


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Steve (megafoot) First Officer

the plane Scotty was refering to was the Gee Bee R-1/R-2 as can be seen at this link. It was basically 750hp engine with a seat and wings added for an afterthought. It won the world speed record way-back-when... I also am looking for one myself (for FS9) and if ya find one scotty (the original actual plane was yellow with black trim) let me know!

heres the link.


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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

This one might interest you -

Bright yellow, small, cute, and christened "The City of Springfield", you'd half expect Bart Simpson (from "The Simpsons" cartoon) as the pilot. The Gee Bee model Z was in fact, a racing plane that won every race it ever entered until a fatal accident in a speed record attempt ended its brilliant carreer. A mere 15 feet (4.57m) in wingspan but powered by a 750hp Wasp Sr. R-1340 engine, the Model Z was the predecessor of the R-1 that Jimmy Doolittle made famous. This model of the "Z" boasts over 25,000 polygons of detail: realistic Wasp engine, cooling vents ,landing gear, wire bracing, and distinct yellow paint scheme. A smoke trail generator allows you to do skywriting and stunt flying. Fly with the included original paint job or do your own custom scheme with the included bitmap files and instructions. Please consult the readme.txt file on how to operate.

Install Notes: Unzip the file into a new directory under "models" in the PRE-Flight install directory. Run PRE-Flight and go menu Model, Load and select the GB01.3dm file. Consult the readme.txt file for instructions on how to enable the advanced features.

at - http://www.preflightsim.com/PFSAVER.HTM

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