Where can i find a Gee Bee?

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I have been looking on the web for a plane called the Gee Bee. I have turned up results in almost every flight sim download section except Fsx. If anyone could tell me where to find one i would appreciate it. Also if anyone could tell me of any other similar planes and where to find them I would appreciate it.

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There is also a GEE-BEE (payware) from alphasim.com, look in civilian aircraft 😉

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I've never seen a Gee Bee in real life. From pictures, I gather that they are fairly small. They are one of the coolest looking planes, IMO.

Almost as cool as your lowrider jumbo jet 😂

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jasa wrote:

You can find a Gee Bee with 6 paintjobs and with a 2D / 3D cockpit

Is there an English version of that site? It looks like that one is in Brasil. I can't read Portugese (but can figure out some of the more obvious stuff on that site). When you download an addon from there, is the ReadMe file in Portugese or English?

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