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Hey everyone,

Im just using my keyboard to play and sometimes my joystick.
How do i ride in reverse (shift+p) but how do u turn left and ride...
When i just push the left and right arrow key the flaps on the wings move up... But that isnt the right way to stear...

Please help me.


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Steve (astrosteve) First Officer

Hi Darcey,

When you push (shift-p) and release the parking brake the plane moves backwards until you hit (shift-p) again. You cannot turn the aircraft during this time. I have never used the keyboard to operate controls for the aircraft, but whater buttons control the rudder should allow you to turn the plane while on the ground.


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anonymouse91 First Officer

I think that if you push Shift + P then 1 or 2 (left or right), it will do a turning pushback.

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b3mmredm Trainee

I think that only works in FS2004 by pressing 1 or 2

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anonymouse91 First Officer

b3mmredm wrote:

I think that only works in FS2004 by pressing 1 or 2

Using 1 and 2 with Pushback is listed in the controls (well Radarman's FSX controls document)

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