fs2004 joystick button problem....

vracan Guest

Why do i have to keep re-assigning my "button 2" to my previously assigned command evrytime i restart fs4, even though the joystoick assignment settings list is clearly dsiplaying it correctly???

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Is it just button two that is the problem? Silly question but are you sure you are saving the assignments before you close the program?

It could of course be an error in the joystick itself.

vracan Guest

actually i don't think it's the specific button itself the problem, i think it's more the "snap to panel view" command that is the problem. I assigned it to another button and the problem still happens. All other assignments stay in memory, whereas that function specifically has to be re-assigned everytime i restart fs2004?!!!

By the way what exactly is the process for saving? all i do is 1)apply 2)ok 3)close.

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