Duplicated default scenery files in scenery library

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jimmyjosher Trainee

I have been experiencing several quirky developments on my computer-some of which I will ask on other forums. In my scenery library I have lots of default scenery files duplicated, how can I delete the extra entries. There are about 120 files listed in the scenery library & I know there should only be about 70-80.
Thanks for any help
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tomthetank Chief Captain

Start fs9 and goto settings/scenery.There is a delete scenery button there

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jimmyjosher Trainee

Have tried this before only to find on restarting fs9, as on this occasion, the duplicate sceneries all reappeared.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

If you did an uninstall and reinstall recently you may have duplicate folders.
You delete in one but it's still in another.


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