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I am building a pc for a friend Hack (I have one Embarassed ) for his birthday in November. 🍻
Anyway,as a way of testing it I have installed fs9 and it runs ok(only a xp2600,fx5200 and 512 ddr ram)everything is up as far as it will go to maintain 24fps...just

Now this install is virgin, Drool like no add ons, no extra nothing Nope .I hope that the fs9 update comes along before I hand it over so I can compare like for like, ie my heavlly modded version against this fresh install

I have noticed it loads far quicker than mine,which is understanable,but the thing that really got me was the quality of some of the default aircraft (737/747) Yucky
When I first istalled my copy all that time ago I thought this version was the bees knees,and it was,but thank goodness for all the developers out there for letting us upgrade our aircraft....and scenery,and sounds,and...well everything Bow Down

Now then,come Microsoft,hurry up with this patch

Ill let you know

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