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I received my USA Roads (CD) a few days ago and have been playing around with the settings of the add-on and my own in the Sim.
I have settled on major roads only.
You can have major roads, all roads or just go back to default. You can set the night lights brightness, traffic (street) density and pavement reflection.
I have gone full out with the settings in their configuration and have maxed out my scenery, autogen, terrain sliders, yes I'm taking a major hit from my Sim settings, nothing of any consequence from USA Roads but the scenery, buildings, trees, detail is amazing and to follow the roads that I'm familiar with is a kick.
If I had to buy it again I would, it adds a new perspective to the Sim but isn't as "spectacular" as I had hoped it would be.
I imagined that the major roads (freeways) would be thick and solid looking like the runways are, no they are easy to pick out and follow bur aren't sharply clear. Maybe my expectations were set to high. I dreamt of a freeway with 5 distinct lanes in each direction, a side shoulder with guard railing and a center divider, too much to expect. Next time?

Link to USA Roads,

A few screenshots:


Los Angeles Coliseum is on the right.

It looks to me that it's the junction of the Santa Monica Freeway and the San Diego (405) Freeway.

On the bottom at about 8:00 o'clock is KSMO Santa Monica Airport.

Two shots of Las Vegas at night, you can see the heavy traffic on the major road called "The Strip".

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I thought it made a vast improvement, far easier to follow than before, but I agree that i had hoped for something that was much crisper.

How do you paste images into the body of your post?

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Can you see the cars and stuff moving

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FEM-No, it just shows up as "busier" at night, brighter.

jelami-Open a free account at and link to the screenshot that you upload to them. You right click in the screenshot/click on properties/use the URL (copy and paste) that's on the grey window and place that between the two marks that you get on your post [img][/img]

Example. use the large signature in FEM's post it would look like this.
[img] [/im]

I intentionally made an error so that you should see what the link looks like or else it would have just shown FEM's signature.


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Thanks Radarman, I will give it a go. I was getting frustrated because none of my screen shots ever make the gallery so that I could link to them.

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Hi RadarMan
I have US Roads for some time and (as I understood)
I should see some live (moving) traffic down there?
I am not. And u?
The other question: How far ahead of you the road is comings clear lets say from 3000 feet.
My estimated distance is 7-13 miles

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I thought so too but yesterday I went down very low for a few miles along a freeway and didn't see anything except some trees that MS placed wrong and were growing out of the roads.
It looks busy at night but I think that it's the sodium settings, I have them and the concrete on high.
I have it in my settings for 30 miles and you can see from my screenshots (if they ever load) that I see a good distance. Knowing LA as I do it looks like 8-10 miles to me also.
I maxed out my settings even though my computer can't take it. I decided I wanted the scenery over the flying while I was in cities and get good FPS outside of the cities where it's less graphic intense.


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