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Trouble With Door Commands (i.e. Shift+E+2)


There are times when hitting Shift+E+2, for example, will open other available doors on a given aircraft. Then, without changing anything, hitting the same combination on the same aircraft will do nothing more than open and close the main door over and over. I swear I'm hitting the keys exactly the same as when it works! Anyone else have this problem? According to my assignments, Shift+E should only set me up to select a door but it always opens the main door even without hitting an additional number. Anyone find a solution to this? Now that I have Bremen, it would be nice to open doors that are now served by airstairs and service vehicles.

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This happens to me too, but have you thought that there may be only one door to open depending on your aircraft? If you haven't already, I would check a larger aircraft (if possible) that may have more than one or two doors and try that.


No, this will happen with the same aircraft that has worked before and has additional doors that can open.

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