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Hi Guys -

Well, I have returned to my old faithful - the 737-700 for this particular paint for the "ABIT" company (not that they asked me to do it - I just did 🙂 )

This is primarily a photorealistic paint, other than for the nose section which I actually painted. The rest comes from photo's of an old ABIT box I had then transferred them (with a bit of editing) to the plane - its pretty impressive for that reason only I think 🙂

Well, thats it guy's - enjoy her and always remember one thing please ... always enjoy what you do and NEVER let this simming business become too serious, - it isnt worth it 😞

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Great repaint wombat! 😀

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What will you think of next Wombat? Great idea and turned out - well - classy again. 😎

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Hi Guy's -

Thankyou for your comments, I have to admit, it is nice NOT to be critised for my paints because the grey I chose to use was perhaps a shade or two too light.

What willI think of next? That is a good question question Tailhook - I have no idea but when I do think of something, here will be the first to know about it 🙂

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