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My name is scottman, I live in San Jose CA, US. I'm 54, 55 by the time you read this. I've owned every version of FS going back to the 1986 vs. for the Commodore 64. My latest interesting experience was with FSX last night. Lined up with the Oakland NAS airfield and admittedly flying the DC-3 too slow to lose some altitude, I stalled and began a death spiral UPWARD. The Emerald Bay vs. fell 10,000 ft UP and I was able to recover from the spin back to straight and level flight at 10K, which meant to me that I had not accidentally entered slew mode. I checked out the wierd fall in all view modes, and the most impressive was the top down view, where I could see the DC-3 was indeed spinning on it's CG. Wow.

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did you saved the trip?
you can post it for all to experience.

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I wish I saved the trip, or at least had the prescence of mind to save a screenshot. I was frankly stunned. Did I mention the rain on the surface of Friday Harbor West? Does anyone know how to cause rain in a specific locale? I fly the default Friday Harbor flight ALOT because I love island hopping. I've only experienced the rainy surface once because I downloaded real weather data, and it was raining at the time. (I guess)

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Im not sure about a specific local, like rain ONLY over Friday Harbor, but in the weather set-up you cna choose Fair, Thunderstorms etc.....It is what you will take off in, but not necessarily land in.

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