Introduction- Introduce yourself here.

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Hi, yeah .. I'm new here. I also really didn't see an Introduction for new members. Lets start here. Feel free to talk and introduce yourself here.
I am approaching age 60 fast. I am married with 3 grown kids, with the last two finishing college. I have been in numerous forums of other types of hobbies. A thread to introduce oneself is now started. I couldn't find anything else that pertained to FSX and newbs. Yeah thats me~
A newb, but I sure love to fly. It all started with getting FSX for Christmas. My Saitek Joystick, I could never get program according to what I wanted, so Autopilot was my preferred choice. Not too long ago, I bought a very inexpensive Joystick, and now my life has changed. it has brought me to this forum. I plan on sharing my experiences as a newb with hopes of learning and sharing.. and making new friends. Thats if for now.
All you Newbs and Pilots, Say Hello!

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Hi Mate 😀

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Good day to you. I've been busy lately playing FSX Gold Edition. Oh yes, a fine addition of extra missiions and what have you. For under $30 US dollars you get FSX Delux version and Flight Simulation Acceration. I don't know if anyone has covered this in any thread here, but its a fun one. Flights Across America I believe are 11 in total, there are some extra missions including Aircraft Carrier landings and take offs. I would care to guess some bug fixes and or improvements all together. It certainly would make a fine holiday gift that doesn't have the Flight Sim FSX. I see a friend of mine that flys and has his own plane receiving this as a gift.
On a side note, I did uninstall the old FSX and loaded the Delux version along with Acceration. My downloads from here at this site, happened to stay on, so I was happy.

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Hi Silverstreak, welcome to the circus 🍻

I too use a Saitek setup, X52Pro Throttle and Stick and pedals to be precise. The main reason for upgrading from my trusted old Microsoft Sidewinder was the need for a separate throttle as the Sidewinder had a little horizontally placed throttle wheel placed along it's base. When trying to land helicopters where I had to really play the throttle - add a little - reduce a little etc., my head would go into a spin and I'd end up turning the little wheel in the wrong direction. Bummer. Hence the move to the Saitek setup. I must say the build could be a bit sturdier - on the throttle only the Power light remains lit and programming the setup is a nightmare so I postponed it until... I buy a new one or get something different. 😛

We have something else in common but this is highly confidential and top secret (if one of my diehard FS9 friends finds out about this... I'm toast) 😳
Like you, I had FSX DeLuxe plus Acceleration - worked fine in tandem but some weeks ago I saw this Gold Edition in a shop for 60 bucks. I took it to the check-out and was only charged 30 bucks... I hadn't seen the sticker that said "1/2 Price!".

So I've got the Gold Edition installed now - so far so good. I am not really a Mission person... I prefer to be the cause of my heart attacks and near-death experiences, don't like the idea of Microsoft having a hand in this as well... I did however do the Carrier missions with the F-18 when I first got Acceleration as the launch procedures are quite a bit more involved when compared to FS9. Oh yes and I flew a Huey which I'd swiped from my FS9 through some red hoops - like a real ace lemme tell you but I didn't accrue any 'rewards' as I hadn't been using prescribed equipment i.e. the Robinson or the little Bell something... can't remember and haven't been back to the Missions since.

Enjoy your sim and if you have a problem, just ask - maybe together we find a solution.

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Well thank you for the 'hello' and I too like to take it easy.
As far as the Carrier F-18 missions, well thats a bit hard for me. I could only describe landing on a carrier as a 'Controled emergency landing'. As far as missions, I've always like to start off with the 'Fly The Doctor To Martha's Vineyard'. Its a nice simple flight. I can get up in the morning, take off and drink my coffee all at the same time. Nothing hard, but a nice wake up in the morning. I have my own favorites, the ones I can play over and over, that I just like. Sometimes.. I like to do it all with the auto-pilot, it keeps me in the auto-pilot mode.
As far as my settings, well I like to keep it simple. 3 buttons for rudder control, the middle button to center the rudder. 2 buttons for flaps. up / down. 2 buttons for Spoilers, one for spoilers, the other to 'arm' the spoilers. 2 buttons for trim, up/down. 1 button for the landing gear, the other button for brakes. My hat switch is fine, gives me all the 'look's I need to see.
Now as far as the joystick, well I still have my Saitek, but for less than $50 I am quite happy with my ThrustMaster T1600m. Simple enough. Besides the one I was looking at, some 'Warthog' well thats nice, but over $400, so I passed on that.

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Hello, my name is James, and I'm 20 years old.

I always like to play FS2004 occasionally and do a flight with my favourite PMDG, Level-D etc products. I'm mainly an airline head, in other words, I like to fly the heavy metal between major cities, with AI set to 100% !
I've been simming for a very long time, starting with FS2002 in the year of 2003, and then continuing to FS2004, which I haven't changed from since, after finding out how my PC struggled to play FSX!
As far as equipment goes, I use my trusty Saitek X52.

Other games that I tend to enjoy are mainly of the First Person Shooter genre, including Call of Duty 4 (which I play competitively), and the Battlefield Series. I also occasionally don't mind to play a bit of Real Time Strategy games here and there, and maybe a bit of racing games too.

In real life, I'm in the process of becoming an airline pilot, and I also enjoy the sports of soccer, tennis and Rugby Union/League & I'm from Sydney in Australia.

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Quote; "I'm mainly an airline head, in other words, I like to fly the heavy metal between major cities, with AI set to 100%"
Oh is there any other way? I couldn't have said better myself. Thats exactly what I like to do. Flying heavy metal made me think of my morning sessions. I start off with Martha's Vinyard and fly the first leg, but after that I like the Quito Approach for a quick 'Heavy Metal' flight. After that I'll take in one mission I prefer not to fly and finish each mission. Now the FSX Gold editin with Acceration is fine for me because the missions 'Jets Across America' is right up my alley.
As far as your what your computer will handle, I can understand why you would prefer not to use the FSX.
The fact that you are becoming a pilot, wow I envey you with respect at such a fine age to learn something most people will NEVER do in their entire life. I love to be in a plane, scares the heck out of me. Hard to get me into a plane..but twice at hard to get me out. It reminds me of the movie Silver Streak where he thinks he is going in a car only to find out they are flying.

Now as far as missions go, I will be downloading (from this site) a race mission flying WW I planes. I think that could be fun. As far as another mission, I'd like to see someone make the Berlin Blockade Flights in a narrow corridor, with planes going both ways. Ah just me I guess. G'day to you mate. Nice to meet you.~

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Silverstreak wrote:

I'd like to see someone make the Berlin Blockade Flights in a narrow corridor, with planes going both ways.

Also type fsx mission berlin airlift into Google - you might find something you like.

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Tailhook, I thank you for the reply. My wife downloaded it for me. IN short, it did not work. I am now downloading different missions and airplanes myself. Obviously, she did that one wrong. Of course the intructions say "Simply .... " yeah yeah.. warning flags usually go up when I hear that. But I am having fun never the less. Yesterday I downloaded the Lufthansa Airbus 320 crosswind landing wing strike mission. Myself doing the actual downloading, well everything worked. And, yesterday, that Austrian soaring contest was fantastic. I felt like I was in a rocket. I could take that plane up to a 110 NM fairly easy. I actually completed the race and had fun. Of course I am still learning how to work a glider, but it was all by accident. I ran out of 'lift' so I started looking for a place to land. Found one.. came in a whisper of air, full flaps. Next thing you know I caught a thermal. Round and round I went, shifting gears so to speak, faster and faster. I felt I was on a Roller Coaster. ON the last leg, well I thought it was, I came in for a quick time.. almost 140 NM, I thought the wings were going to tear off. I'm sure some might say its boring, well for me it was exhilarating. That glider seems more like a jet when you pick up speed. It behaves all together differently once you get the speed up. Thanks for the link on the Berlin Airlift, I shall try downloading that one today .. again.~

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