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try this: open fs9, fire up the aircraft of your choice and take off from boulder city municipal airport, heading northeast to lake meade. when you get there, have a look at the hoover dam. not too shabby, eh?

now, do the same thing in fsx. if your like me, and flew here in fsx 1st, you turned the corner below the dam, coming north through the river canyon to get a look at that massive wall of concrete that holds back a kajillion gallons of water. then, you wondered, "gee wally, how come the hoover dam has those giant boulders right smack in the middle of it?"
then the other voice in your head said "i dunno beav, maybe it's just your crummy video card" and then the other voice in your head, the one that sounds like eddy haskell says " no way jose! that's microshaft, they screwed it all up on purpose so you would have to buy someone's scenery that you don't have the power to run, and that would make you buy a better computer, and have to use their new operating system" and then you told all the voices to shut up for a while so you could think about it, but they didn't listen and it got really frustrating not being able to think straight with all that racket going on so you put on your special collander, the one with the chin strap to hold it on your head, in order to jam the signal from the alien brainwave machines that make you hear the voices in the first place butthat'sokaybecause youdontreallylistentothemanymoreanyhow,afterallit'snotliketheycanseeyouanymorenowthatyourauntflorenceisdead......
you know what i mean?

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you made me want to go out and scrounge around to find a fs9 for sale

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I just broke out the shotgun and killed the dam thing.....slept like a baby afterward. Thanks, I think, for bringing that to my attention. LOL

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I just flew over and in it FSX. I chose the Red Bull Extra 300 for some fun. Nice area!!!


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