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Looking for dam-nation

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Has anyone ever come across a large lake + dam in their flights?
I'm trying to find one for my "dambuster" Lancaster. I've gone 'sight seeing' in all the places in the default scenery one might expect to find a dam - Lake District UK - Grand Canyon/Boulder USA - etc - but have found nothing. Is there freeware/payware scenery somewhere with what I want?

Radar 😉

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I can't gaurantee it but Lake Havasu Arizona maybe a place that you could see a dam. The London Bridge was rebuilt there. Lake Palmer is the name of the lake. Sorry I do not have the map and better directions.


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Thanks RM & EDR.
The avsim download looks a bit daunting but will give it a try - in the mean time I'll have a saunter around Arizona for Lake Havasu - probably by jet as its a big place 😂 😂

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... and guess who forgot that he'd logged out in the meantime? Embarassed Embarassed

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Try taking off from Aswan in Egypt and head down the Nile. Biggest dam in the world. Not sure how well it is rendered.

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Thanks Bindolaf - thought of that one - but am looking for a different terrain - trying to copy the type of sim that was shown on UK television to celebrate the anniversary of 617 squadron's flight - the only trouble is although it was based on FS2002 + Just Flights "Dambusters" add-on they (RAF trainees + Southampton Uni) used 5 PC's, 10 displays and matrox card with 3 projectors on a 36ft screen!!

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As a last resort you might try this one:

Take off from MPHO and as soon as you're airborn head east, then head upriver.

I don't know what these funny things are called in proper language - but they sure look like dams - anyway, if you miss one, just continue on your merry way upriver, there are a few more to come yet.

If everything else fails, you can always vent your frustration on the Luxury Cruiseships you'll find VERY close by. Twisted Evil

Have fun, Rick 😀

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