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hi i was just wondering if any one knows of some neat places to fly on FS? thanks

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There's lots to see in Alaska. Just getting there from where ever you are can be a pretty epic flight.


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Thats true Ed. Also try flying in the Carriebean.

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Two small strips in western Canada:

CYPZ is sunk into a 1000ft crater, hard to land smooth.. and make sure your plane can CLIMB to get out...

Also CBW2 is kinda cool because it's perched above a river.

Those two airports are like 100 mn apart, so take a Cessna or Piper and fly that route. Pretty neat.

Then if you looking for more adventure, fly to CYBD. Down in the HUGE river ravine. Awesome scenery helps this one a lot. I really would love to fly this one for real life.

From there you can head to Gang Ranch ( CAY2) and land on the top of the plateu. I had a hard time finding that one cause I came in too low and couldn't see it! Very Happy

Have fun!

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CBA7 aka Scar Creek (as shown above) is my favourite Canadian bush airport, I highly recomend you check out the amazing default scenery there!

Another great demonstation of fs2004 default scenery are the fjords of central Norway. Set the sim to summer and visit ENSG (Haukesen) or Bomoen AB (ENBM) and have an explore- you won't regret it!

BTW Sphagnum, thanks for letting me know about CYPZ, I just took a flight around the crater there and had a tricky landing which ended up with me skidding off the end of the runway ❗

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Check out Glacier National Park.

I think that's the name of the airport there too.

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North Las Vegas (KVGT) to Grand Canyon (KGCN).

Points of interest:
Las Vegas Strip
Lake Mead
Hoover Dam
Grand Canyon

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