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wombat457 First Officer

Hi Guy's -

I am starting to get a lot of requests for repaints, which is great and I am more than happy to do them for people; however, I do have a couple of requirements before I will accept a repaint, and those requirements are contained in me original "RePaint Offer" in this forum.

Before submitting a request, please read the post regarding repaints by me -

Also be aware that I have limited download MB's and am unable to download fonts, pictures, planes, paintkits etc etc for a repaint. It is up to the person requesting the paint to provide all necessary things for the paint to be done.

I trust you will understand what I am saying and this wont deter anyone from requesting a paint from me in the future - thankyou.


Do you do repaints for the 737-700 only?

Paul Bradley
Chief Operating Officer

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wombat457 First Officer

My post regarding repaint requests (as mentined in my post above) lists the planes I paint and the ones that I am willing to look at to paint, along with the requirements for repaint requests. I think everything that you might want to know is contained in that post.

In short though, I do the POSKY 737-700 and 800, POSKY CRJ-200 and Embrarer 170 but will consider other planes as well.

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vlad (tiger7881) Captain

wowbat what program you use for repaint? just wanna know


Could you do 3 paints for the emb 170, 737-700, and an A319 if so e-mail me at either , or

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William B Noel Jr. (BakerFox) Trainee

I have E-mailed you a repaint request. (well, actualy 3) Hope you can do these for me.

Bill `BakerFox' Noel

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