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In the A321 my auto break does not work and where are the HDG, NAV buttons to track a heading, vor or GPS flt. some things seem to be missing here. Crying or Very sad

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I'm going off of memory here because I know I had the same issue the other day. Look along the top AP panel. I think it is in between course and speed, but I could be wrong. There is a switch there for GPS/Nav. You'll also see two buttons one is app (approach) and the other is loc (nav/gps). You have to click on the loc button as well for the AP to follow either the VOR or GPS.

I don't think the Airbus fleet as an autobrake - at least I have yet to find it. The trust reverser and auto spoiler (shift + '/') works well enough to slow you down on landing.

Earlmister Guest

I too will go by memory. The A321 autobrakes are not like the usual boeing switch, insted they appear as of three small squares next to the gear lever (i think). two of them are for normal operations, and a third one is for emergencies (at least from what i remember).

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