driving a Jeep in Hawaii

golly Guest

it was a blast !!!

I downloaded a Jeep, and was driving it around Hawaii.

It was FUN FUN FUN !!!

in one down hill section, the Jeep was airborne for a second !!!

but don't drive it too fast, you can overstress it easily.

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I actually got my jeep to FLY for a bit!!! Whats funny is that it will bank and turn etc... I got it up to about 150kts on a downhill road, then headed for a small hill and up she went... and up, and up, and up!!!


I remember someone put a bus "skin" on the C172. It actually flies !!!

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jetman35 First Officer

How do you start it up?? It does not work!


no starting needed. just push the throttle forward.

be careful, don't go too fast. Hahaha !

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jetman35 First Officer

I did but the only thing that works is the tac. Should there be sound also? I am using my flight yoke to drive it and nothing happens. All other things work like lights, doors open etc..

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roelli98 Trainee

what happens when you go too fast?

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