Anyone know where to get a plugin for photoshop?

dme43 Guest

anyone know where to get a plugin for photoshop version 8 to modify and do flight sim repaints? it says the files are not a valid file

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Try this ➡

They seem to be adding new tools on a regular basis, it might be worthwhile to keep an eye on that page.

dme43 Guest

I dont have a nvidia graphics card but a intel one (laptop) does it matter or is there another type of photoshop plugin?

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Tailhook Chief Captain

You don't need a nVIDIA card to use these plug-ins.

DME43 Guest

thanks! 😀

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Charlie10 First Officer

Incidentally, Tailhook, that is a very good plug-in. I'm sure many will be thankfull for you posting it.

hcomspam12 Guest

Is it really a plug in needed

The invalid file could be just attempting to open the 32 bit bitmaps FS uses without converting then to 24 bit via DXTBMP.

Just a thought

I use photoshop sometimes and that's V6

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Tailhook Chief Captain

You're probably painting for fs9 or a previous version which use .bmp format.
I assumed dme43 asked for the plugin because he'd already discovered that fsx uses .dds instead of .bmp 😎

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