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Animal Herds In FSX

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Please give me some clues about the animal herds (elephants, zebras, jiraf ete.ete) as seen in the FSX trailer and on the game cover as well where they can be found. I have been trying to find them since I installed the game on my mechine three months ago. I have tried other forums as well so Please if any body knows something about this puzzle then give me some ideas Thanks

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seen them in the safari mission and another one I think you can see whales.. you got to fly too low to spot them.
besides that you can see birds in some airports while landing but they're not easy to spot.


you can download a whale for Nova Scotia.

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they don't only have them in missions go to tncm and you see a flock of birds flying by the tower

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If you fly over some of the ships(like the tankers) you will see birds flying around it.

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