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I have added lots of aircraft to FSX, and the game has been a little "stupid' with unofficial stuff.
If I uninstall the game will it save my save game file and logbook?

PS:I know were the logbook is, but where is the save game file and what is it?

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JLangevin First Officer

It isnt really saving anything other than your log book and your Flight Plans... When you uninstall, all your add on aircraft will still be there when you reinstall since MS does not remove the FSX folder in the program files... you will need to manually delete it... Make sure you reboot before you reinstall. This should then clear all your data... unfortunately, it may clear your log book and hours as well. I had over 700hrs in FS9, yet when I went to FSX, none of that information was carried over, therefor, started once again at 0.

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