How do u have concorde?

Captain Jones Guest

Ive heard on you tube u need a download for concorde and they say that the downloads called Concordes last Fligh or is that a fake name?

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Captain jones Guest

on youtube u need download for concorde srry

Pro Member Captain
Welshflyer Captain

Try this second from bottom

Captain Jones Guest

ok thanks ill remember but if i have a problem ill tell u ok

x pilot Guest

Welshflyer, i down loaded that concorde and it all worked fine, well everything was there apart from the gauges...

in the cockpit view it was like a split screen showing diferent thing, in virtual cockpit it was good but not gauges! i put the gauges in the main gauges folder but then when loading a flight it crashed Fs9 and came up with a microsoft problem solver wich leads you to there website to get the fs9.1 update, which i have... going back i deleted the gauges then fs9 ran fine even with half a concorde! i ended up deleting the plane? any sujestions? using windows vista!

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