After a new computer lotz help plz

Bonza Guest

Hi My name is Bonza

I am after a new computer dat can play games. I wood rather have sometime dat is cheap innit. I don't wanta Intel because they smell innit and wood rather have a AMD because they are lovely jubbly.

I only wanted to ask this question because I will not be hanging around on dis site. No one take offense, but to me Flight simulator is for morons.

Thanx for da help innit 😞

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Bonza wrote:

No one take offense, but to me Flight simulator is for morons.

I do take offense so find your own cheap computer Bozo.

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That's an interesting way to ask for advice. But a common way to troll. Whistle

Bonza Guest

I can't believe the rude reply Iz recieved. I thought outta all these simulation morons that someone could of helped me wit me cheapz PC innit. Iz don't care about your moronic boring Flight hobbies, but I care about people wit PC knowledge to help me pick da PC gettit!!.

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Oh we certainly COULD help you. I could even BUILD it for you if I were given nothing but loose wires and components, I could install it and get it working just fine. I just don't WANT to, because you're offending us.

Now go away please, ask help on a support forum or communite site of one of your favourite games or something.

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