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After crossing the vor, i turn to 110º, then fly 1min, turn right to intercept the 320º radial, i intercept it flying between Wº and 300º then i adjust to enter the radial, i fly until cross the vor and obs 1 flag changes to "TO", then at 0.5 dme from vor i right turn 180º to 140º, then i fly 1 min and right turn again to 320º, after crossing the vor the second time, she fails me because i didnt fly the outbound course for 1 min, what is the outbound course here?. what iam doing wrong?.

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i am having problems with procedure turn, how we must do this turn here?, i always pass the 10 nm doing that, i cross nolla then fly 310º for 10 sec then i turn to 265 and fly 55 sec, at this point iam at almost 11nm, then begin turn right to 85 to intercept 130º. Land and everything ok except the procedure turn. 😞

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Didnt help 😞, any more ideas

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