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reversing and turning

JD16 Guest

I can reverse an aircraft fine but cannot get it to turn. Using 1 or 2 will not turn the aircraft.
any thoughts?

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vlad (tiger7881) Captain

When you on a pushback you press shift+p right?, now if you wanna lets say turn your plane to the left, you press shift+p again to stop and right a way you press shift+p+2, or to the right, you press shift+p to stop the plane, and right a way shift+p+1, try it.

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lkw First Officer

Pushing back when you hit Shif+P and the 1 or 2 you will push back straight for the length of the aircraft and then turn left or right depending on which number you chose. ( you do no imediatly start to turn)

JD16 Guest

when viewing the plane from above to see if it turns,I pushed 1.this brought up the default flight deck which flickers on the screen.
Trying something elce I pushed F1.This turned the plane but I could not repeat it.
I think there is a glich in the software someware.
Any thoughts would be greatly recived

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ARD-DC Captain

I always thought you had to press Shift+P, then release, and then immediately hit 1 or 2.... not Shift+P+1 at the same time 🤔

Never tried pressing all at once succesfully....but maybe I am wrong.

Anyway, I've also had problems with these features:

Shift+P 1 (or 2) for pushback, E 1 (or 2) for engine selection, Shift+E 1 (or 2) to open the doors etc... all these functions stopped working for me quite some time ago, probably after I installed an addon (quite possibly a module) I am guessing.

Never went to the bottom of it though.

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lkw First Officer

You are correct you press Shift+P (release) then push 1 or 2

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