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ok if anyone knows or works on or by the janet termianl I have a few questions 1. how old must you be to strat flying janet? 2. Can you fly janet for a couple of years then go to fly for airlines jumpstarting your flying career? 3. If you apply for janet is all of your training payed for since its considered the military? and most important of all how des one get a job flying janet? I have always loved flying and mabye its just the mystery shrouding this aircraft or the clearence to fly to an area that does not exsist according to the government I also love hte 737-200's and know that it won't reqiure a very long time to get trained in one by 747 terms


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OT: Have you managed to install your Janet yet?

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Yes thank you I found out it was a bug and found the update on thanks tail hook for all the hlep cheers 🍻 Group Wave

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