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Hi guys,

i have tried a couple but they rather dissapointing, got a half decent one but the autopilot settings dont work on the panel therefore making IFR useless for me, anyone got a good panel for this type,

i am using the MK Airlines 74-2


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Does it have to be specifically for a 747-200?

I'm using one of Massimo Grassi's panels in both of my 200's, even though it says it's for a 747-400. This one has mutiple cockpit views and is from the First Officer's seat. It's at AVSIM under filename ""

Massimo has another one that, judging from the pic, looks pretty good. It's from the left seat and It's also at AVSIM under filename ""

Hope this helps! 😀


I should probably mention that the 747-200's I have are POSKY's (one V3 and the other V4). I'm not familiar with the type you have or if it makes a difference.

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thanks for that,

having a look now, just thort a old plane with a old panel would be nice!

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the panel you said is the same i have just from the right hand seat, same prob though the autopilot figures not showing up in the window's? all gauges in the gauges folder like said!

thanks though, i reckon better of with default 747 panel to save the stress!

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