Catalina Day Spa

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Hi, I was just wondering about the Catalina Day Spa mission, if you actually get to the island or if the mission consists of an engine failure and landing on the Aircraft carrier. Not too sure. My engine failed, and being smack in the middle between the two airports, no other alternatives than ditching the AC seemed possible until I saw the carrier, so I landed on it, is this the mission? Is there another option in this mission like actually doing the chartered flight to pickup the movie star for a day at the spa?

Umm... 🤔 Dont Know

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If you look at the objectives... it says "Safely land on aircraft carrier"

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If you turn on your secondary fuel pump and re-start the engine, you can fly to your original destination.
(you get another award)

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you can either glide down to the carrier or, if you get the engine started again, you can fly to the spa.

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Yeahhhh good point, I never thought about the secondar fuel pump...good idea! Thanks a lot guys, will try that and get to the destination.


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i ditched the airplane on the first time on the coast. the second time i tried playing around with the fuel pumps and ignitors and got the engine working again. so i finished flying to santa monica

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Alright! It worked, pretty simple mission actually hahaha. Landing on the carrier is a bit tricky, especially lining up and all that, but making it to Santa Monica is a joke.

Got the Problem Solver badge for landing at Santa Monica
And the Homeland Security Investigation Photo for landing on the carrier against orders from the carrier's crew.

So ppl who are looking for alternate ways to finish missions, well here they are for this mission.

Does anybody else have alternate rewards or endings to other missions??

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for the oil platform I think you get something different if you are able to get all the crew members off the rig. I'm still having trouble getting the last one. Also for the Tokyo Exectutive mission you get a reward only if you successfully complete the second part (following the plane - took me a couple days to figure that landing out). On some missions you also get a photo if you see something special. Aside from that, I'd like to know what the possible rewards are for each mission, but maybe that would take all the fun away. 🙄

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There is a complete list of FSX rewards at

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