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has anyone downloaded this? i would like your opinions of it, and if it is a straight forward install.

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Since you don't supply a filename I assume you're thinking of the file available here.

DON'T!! It's totally out of date. Let us know what you're after there are plenty of good carriers to choose from. 😎

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that's the one. thanx for the heads up, i saw the file and it seemed interesting. before i loaded it, i wanted to ask the folks i knew would know...

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The problem is that this type of carrier package contains the necessary files needed for COPS.
As time goes by, the gauges and effects in particular are being updated and improved but obviously don't find their way into the old packages.

So you get hold of an outdated package, finally get your head around the installation of all the bits and pieces (thankfully you'll only have to do it once and all you're carriers will be retrofitted) BUT... the next day you find a more recent package and now you have to reinstall the multitude of gauges and effects and it's just not good enough to simply overwrite or not overwrite them all. You have to look at each one individually and figure out which is the more recent one.
Nasty job.

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