catalina day spa mission need help(spoiler)

bazzone Guest

In the mission Catalina day spa, you fly to Santa Monica from Catalina to pick up a movie star. Anyways, your engine fails in midflight(over the ocean, ofcourse), and you are left to find a safe solution. My first time flying this I crash into the ground on the coast, the second time I am able to get in contact with the ATC at Long Beach and I land safely there. After that, nothing happens. My mission goal, "Land on Carrier" is listed as pending. I never get any radio messages about this, and I am confused as to why this goal is so specific, in an engine failure situation, isn't a safe landing at any airport considered a success? To me, it kills the atmosphere of the game where I should have free choice and adaptability, I have a very rigid mission goal that I don't understand or know how to complete. Now I really want to finish this mission, and any help would be, you guessed it, helpful. Thanks.

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Alex The Guest Guest

Ok what you need to do is when your engine fails, look around the plane (in spot view) to find the aircraft carrier, then you pretty much land on it even though the crew from the ship tell you not to, just do it anyway.
TIP- Try and get as much altitude while your engine is running, so then have more of a chance on getting the final descent right, and if you don't you can go around.

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2robplaying First Officer

Or turn on your secondary fuel pump, re-start the engine and fly to your goal.

bazzone Guest

wow thanks for the rapid response. how do i activate secondary fuel pump?

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2robplaying First Officer

shift + 7, turn fuel boost on, then re-start the engine.

Mike2014 Guest

I did read the comments ,
Now listen to my story .I took off mid point opposite runway!
get aircraft airborne quickly and climbed 80kt then 110kt towards Santa Monica VOR still climbing until 12300ft the Engine failed! I trimmed the aircraft for the Best Glide speed a bit less say around 65kt ,even I did not know about the aircraft Carrie..anyway my DME to the Santa Monica airport was showing 1.1nm with a good Ground Speed that time aircraft height was around 700ft AGL I knew that I can not make it (in ATC I reported the landing ,and she said I am glad that you are going to make it)
anyway in 700ft 1.1nm DME south of the airport I landed the aircraft with full flap in field near some houses ,I couldn't finish the game but at least saved the plane!

Brian W Guest

Same happened to me. No carrier in sight anywhere (I even cheated by using the outside view).
In all cases I landed safely at another airport... And there are tons of airports where you can safely land.

This mission is very un-realistic.
When in real life your aircraft runs into trouble you should:
1. find an airport where you can safely land
2. if no airport in the neighbourhood... Find a field or an open space (like a golf course or a beach) and land there
3. if no open space can be found... Find a straight road wide enough (watch for electrial wires) and land there

In this simulation all of the above were avialable.
The ATC chatter upon "mayday" was also very unprofessional.

Iron Giant Guest

it's a game.

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