I give up.

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I have tried the Catalina day spa several time with no luck. Tried flying high altitude to coast to island. No luck. Whats the trick to keep the motor from stalling over the water??? ❓ ❓

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After the mission has failed what does it say in the mission box?read it and try to work it out yourself.Also what can you see in the water whilst flying over to the island. 😀

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Just wondering, what altitude are you flying at? You do know you're flying the Grand Caravan, a propeller a/c. So when you get at around 3000 ft, you have to start ajusting your air/fuel mixture to lean it out a bit so your engine keeps going. I haven't tried the mission yet but maybe your engine is supposed to stall just like in the mission Swiss Outing. Let me know how it goes. Cheers.

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Figured out the mission last night. Without giving away the mission completion secret, I can tell ya that sometimes you have to break aviation rules. LOL Those that have finished know what I'm talking about. That's a pretty good hint I just gave-up for those that want to complete the mission. I felt a little stupid after discovering how simple the mission really is...

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