Installed Cargo Pilot, MFS X wont run?

froggyman Guest

hey guys,
Well yesterday I installed Cargo Pilot to MFS X, just before I instilled I checked the game and it worked great. Then I install and MFS X freeze at the start up screen. I have to go to program manager to end the task because the program is not responding. I tried Cargo Pilot and I can get to the office screen and do all that just fine but when I try to fly, nothing happens. Any ideas?


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cheezyflier First Officer

i had a problem as well. i downloaded the demo, and it worked except it wouldn't record the flights. i would make my deliveries but i never got paid for them, and they always re-appeared as though i had never flown them. it was the only reason i didn't actually buy it. it seemed otherwise cool, but a tad expensive for what you are getting.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Justflight hosts a forum for Cargo pilot, read that or join if you can't find the answer.


froggyman Guest

Yeah I post a topic there but got now help, seem like there was alot more information here. There is a topic in here about deleting a corrupt logbook file. Its the only thing I have seen.

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