??Missing jet ways even with "Scenery Complexity"

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Hi there,

I was playing FSX yesterday and was surprised to see that for some reason all the jet ways were missing from every airport in FSX, even with scenery complexity set to extremely dense! This happened to me at every airport I have departed from and landed at, all of which are huge hubs in Canada, U.S., Europe, and Asia. (KJFK-CYYZ, LFPO-EDDF, VHHH-EDDF)

One thing worth noting is that I used the reduced trees tweak/download, probably about 3 days ago and I am thinking that this may have adjusted whether or not the jet ways get rendered in the game Evil or Very Mad

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated 😀



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I Hope you backed up the texture folder, you can replace the altered one with the original.
To be honest i don't see where that could be the problem.

The problem is most likely in the settings that you are customizing and saving.

Spend more time going over each of the 4 settings windows and the main window.

Try just maxing out the scenery tab and the main tab, saving that and see if it works.
Leave to others alone.

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