Have you tried "Cargo Pilot" yet?

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Hello mates, I am very close to getting the Cargo Pilot add on. I came as close to holding my credit card in my hand but I haven't actually purchased it yet. I would like some feedback from anyone who has tried it.

How is it? How do you like it compared to passengers? How does it run on FSX?

Thanks for your comments gents!

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Scream Guest

So has anyone tried it out yet? I was hoping for some kind of review. Thanks! 😎

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I have Cargo Pilot and enjoy it immensely. It gives a sense of purpose to your flying by forcing you to closely watch start up times, checklists, fuel management, time management, and money management. When you earn enough cash through your efforts, you then get to decide on moving the operation to another base and select more robust aircraft to haul your goods. A very nice program and a bargain at the price. If you haven't tried the demo, that might be a good way to get a feel for it.

I am having some issues loading the tracker in FSX, but have submitted a post to tech support and expect a solution shortly.

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