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Is there a way I can swap out a standard VOR indicator or DG for an HSI or RMI in a Cessna 182S in FS2004?



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n9xv wrote:

Is there a way I can swap out a standard VOR indicator or DG for an HSI or RMI in a Cessna 182S in FS2004?

Possible but would require serious program surgery, a better solution would be a new panel.

Here is one: ➡

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Thanks CRJ. I am having some difficulty getting it to work though. I understand the "copy to folder" stuff but, It says to "dedicate" the panel folder in the aircraft.cfg file. I see the aircraft.cfg file in the my C182 folder but I dont understand what I am supposed to do there?


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***Backup your C-182 aircraft file and your FS9 Gauges folders***

1. Copy the Panel.redo folder into your FS9 C-182 folder.

2. Highlight and copy the contents of the gauges folder in the download, into your FS9 Gauges folder(Yes to overwrite all).

3. Copy and paste the following entry into your C-182 aircraft config file one space below the last model entry[fltsim. 4]. The new entry will be [fltsim. 5]. There should be one space between the entry and the next entry, [General]. I don't think the spacing between entries is critical but this is what I did and it works.


title=Cessna Skylane 182S Paint3 HSI
ui_type="C182S Skylane"
ui_variation="White with blue and purple-HSI"
description="When Cessna saw how well their Model 180 was selling, they looked for a way to make it an even bigger success\s the answer was the Model 182. The Cessna 182 Skylane feels and acts like a heavier, more powerful version of its sibling, the 172 Skyhawk. The airplane is a workhorse and a stable platform for flying on instruments. Even with a full tank, the 182 carries a family-size useful load and performs admirably as an aerial sport utility vehicle."

I believe this is what the author meant by "Dedicate". He just assumed that such a simple term(to him) is known to everyone. I've never heard the term either and it took me some trial and error and detective work to determine how to install the panel.
1. Stormscope turns on but isn't designed to actually work.
2. GPS/NAV switch is not labled but down is GPS.

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Well, I still cant get it to work. I cut-&-pasted the text into the aircraft.cfg file and it seems to accept it ok but no new gauges appear yet. The only way I could open the .cfg file was with notepad. I copied each individual gauge file into the FS9 gauge file.

Still hackin - - -

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.....And in the "Select Aircraft" menu you did select the 182S Skylane "White with blue and purple-HSI" variant? You did not just pick the first 182S from the list? If you have not checked this, you may very well be loading the wrong, unmodified plane.

Excuse the idiot-like question, but it is something easily overlooked when you're breaking your head over one specific problem... Wink

* Btw, the author probably meant "define" instead of "dedicate"

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Thanks for the tip ARD-DC, I have'nt tyied that yet but will in a bit. I know what you mean though - its the simple things that get ya fouled up 😕 🙂

Embarassed YEP!

thats what I did 😀

I also figured out how to swap gauges between aircraft! Thats way too cool! 😎

Thanks again,


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Glad to hear it works for you. 👍

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