Dual Core FS2004 on Vista

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Dose anyone know how to make BOTH cores work (obv for a processor) using Vista Ultimate. I have follwed the instructions for XP and it would let me.

Any ideas?


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I've done that, no luck..

No luck.

This is what i did

1) Double Clicked FS2004 on Desktop
3) "Start Task Manager"
4) Went to "Processes" -> FS9.EXE
5) Right click "Set affinity"
6) Both Cores Were Ticked (CPU 0 & CPU 1)
7) Unticked "CPU 0" And i noticed the change on the windows Vista side bar, shows CPU 1 Taking all the load (Like it was before)
😎 Clicked "ok"
9) Went back to "FS9.EXE" and right clicked "Set Affinity"
10) Ticked "CPU 0"
11) *Now i can see both processes sharing the load (About 50% Each)*
12) Closed task manager and FS2004
13) Restarted FS2004 (From Desktop like in point #1)
14) Looked at "Windows Side bar" and it shows CPU 0, Red, 100% - CPU 1, Blue, 4%
15) Did task manager thingy, and yes, both cores were ticked.

Why wont it stay like it would when i were using XP? I didn't have to do this everytime i wanted to play..

Anyone have any solutions??

Thanks for your input flilot

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