what is a graphic card and what benefits does it have

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ive been wondering does a graphic card make the game better what other beneits does it have

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benbastock wrote:

ive been wondering does a graphic card make the game better what other beneits does it have

Well the simple answer is yes. You have a graphics card or you would not be reading this. It's probably built into your motherboard. That's fine for most programs and simple game but you need a good, dedicated card for programs like flight simulator. The dedicated cards have more power and memory and will give you a higher frame rate and visual detail than the built in cards. You will probably be able to run at a higher resolution also. Some of the built in cards these days have improved but the dedicated video cards are still much better.


a graphics card, sometime referred to as the video card, draws the images on your monitor.

a graphics card is an electronics board. It plugs into the motherboard of your computer. Your monitor plugs into the card.

some of the inexpensive computers have the graphics chips built into the motherboard, therefore no separate graphics card is required. These onboard graphics card can only produce simple images, good enough for everyday internet surfing and office productivity programs, but not good enough for 3D realism games (e.g FSX).

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