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I don't want to build anything -- I just want to click and pay and answer the door when the UPS guy comes. What's the best cost-no-object (but not a ripoff) PC system for FSX. I want big dual monitors and of course top frame rate.

And if there is such a thing, what's the best laptop for fsx?

thanks for any suggestions.

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Freyar Guest

As much as I wished there was an answer for you, the real only choice that I can see (without having tech retailers trying to rip you off and the like) is to build your own machine.

Prebuilt machines have always ended up bad for me whether or not it is because of some performance issues, or pre-installed junk that usually comes with these.

As for a laptop, I really don't see anything out there that would really satisfy your wants there. Maybe once the patch for (I've been out of the loop for awhile, it may have been released) dual core CPUs would make it worthwhile to get a laptop instead (provided you have a decent joystick) but if that's what you are looking for, I'd wait.

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The best machine (for the price) is by Cyberpower, they also use the top of the line hardware but...the quality of their workmanship and tech support leaves much to be desired.
Just search the net and you'll see.


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If you live in a large enough city........
Make a day of it. Visit one PC shop after the other and just get quotes.

Usually you will be able to tell the difference between the retailers. Sometimes the smaller ones with geeks Umm... behind the counter are the best, because they will tailor make a PC for you. Tell them you want good quality. Often, the geeks Hack in the shops are better at milking the internet for the top gear - than you would be. It should'nt end up being that expensive either- you'd be surprised.

Forget about laptops when it come to high-end performance. (Although they are not too far behind - I have one - and I still happily use FSX)

Edit: My RECENT laptop:Toshiba SatelliteP100. Medium/Low graphic settings. 12-19fps. In other words -NOT GOOD ENOUGH 😞

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