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Having trouble taking off in 777

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bawls327 Chief Captain

I got the just flight boeing 777 professional by the I use plenty of flaps but its like I am not going fast enough - not getting enough thrust. I get up to around 120 knots and I still cant lift off. Any ideas?

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Kurt Stevens (KurtPStevens) First Officer

Check your Stabilizer Position Indicatior. Have you set the trim for take off? (I think it should be at about 7)

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bawls327 Chief Captain

k I sent ya a pm. Thanks for your help.

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ARD-DC Captain

Are you sure you can take off at 120 kts in a 777?

The 767 typically rotates between 137 ~ 150 kts, depending on weight, temp, etc.etc.

For Vr to be 137, the 767 can hardly have any fuel on board....(while payload is the max. permissible for the distance it can fly on the amount of fuel loaded.)

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Kurt Stevens (KurtPStevens) First Officer

Elevator trim is important, and having this set to the wrong position may be causing the trouble you describe. To trim the nose up, make sure that 'NumLock' is not engaged on your keyboard, then use the 7 button on the numeric keypad.

Air-Head Guest

To pick up the point that ARD-DC made, the 777 would not be rotating at 120 knts anyway?? No matter what you set the trim too...

Or am I missing something here?!?

So in answer to your question, you just need more groundspeed first before trying to take off.... no?

Bartfs Guest

A full B737 needs to be around 150-160 knots to rotate..
Try to get at least 170 knots before rotating Wink

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