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I have question regarding GPWS sounds in FSX: When I had FS2004 I remember downloading some add-on that gave me very realistic sounding GPWS sounds. Two or three times in the past I have heard the same sounds coming from real cockpits as I was getting on a commercial flight (sinkrate, pull up, bank angle). Presumably the pilots were testing? Really doubt we were having a Sinkrate issue on the jetway 😂 Anyway...

The sounds in FSX have a different sounding voice. In my opinion they sound very "informal" and there's something about the tone that does not make me feel like there's danger or an issue. Personally, I find the guys voice pretty annoying.

So my question is - is this really what GPWS sounds like in new planes? Can it be changed in real plans? And how do I get the old sounds back in FSX?

Thanks, happy flying!

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I would like to know the same. I have tried to convert and get the sounds from FS2004 to FSX but I don´t know how to get the sound.cfg for the airplane to use those sounds. Anyone have a clue?


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