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Hey i;ve just bought this game as it runs soooooo much sweeter than FSX on this current computer and im looking for some decent Payware Aircraft addons

can sombody please list the major well knwon companies that produce good quality addons thanx Smile

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thanks alot mate, big help

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Depends on what sort of planes you're after, but if you're willing to pay for good add-ons JustFlight ( do a range of vintage aircraft, including Spitfire, Mosquito, Lancaster and (my own personal fave!) the Tiger Moth.

Happy flying!

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funny how people only want payware. Why DO you want payware?

Anyway, dont forget about IRIS get their kickass mig29k, comes with Admiral Flota Kuznetsov in many locations.

But if you're looking for a real carrier download, get Flight Deck 4, sold at many stores in USA. Works great on fs2004, but you have to get a special download for it to work on fsx. The link is included in the installation readme. Comes with USS CVN78, EA-6B, Seahawk, F/A-18C, F-18E, S-3B, and more. To find, go to: create flight>location>country>any> THEN states> us navy, and select one of the many locations. Has animated crew, automatic afterburn, catapault smoke, working arrestor cables and everything.

PS- DO NOT GET the Pilot's Proffesional SR-71 Blackbird. IT IS NOT WORTH PAYING FOR!

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Three 6 out of 5 stars payware addons are the PMDG 737s and 747s, and Ariane's BBJ. They are, however, just about the most expensive addons out there.

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Yeah, if you are going for realism and eye candy and you got some dough in your pocket, go for PMDG

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