Pls help with FMC in PMDG aircraft!

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ricsike Trainee

Hy all! Can someone explain to me propely from part to part
how to use the FMC in a pmdg plane? What I mean is how do I have to
type in the destination to FMC to show me the way where I have to go?Pretty please help me! 😀


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kieranja First Officer

read the book. you asking a question when the answer comes free with the game

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Welshflyer Captain

I can understand your frustration here, i read the PMDG manual and did'nt understand a word of it as regards the FMC, it's not very well explained at all. I had a play around with it and managed to get from A to B but then trying to configure it to the runway you're supposed to land on whilst in flight etc i can't recall being explained at all. Hence i never bother with the PMDG 737 at all now!

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kieranja First Officer

yeah the runway to land on for ils set up is easy just click on arival on fmc and click runway. then open radio shack and put the freq in and course. job done.

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renesis Trainee

Contact me if you're still keen to learn the FMC. I'll gladly devise a route and give you a talk-through at each step.

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ken hanson (veshagoo) Trainee

hi..this guy does the best tutorial for a pmdg 737-700 i have ever is in 10 (ten) youtube videos, but if you play all of them you will learn more than the pmdg manual ever could....the you tube video you want is......PMDG FMC Tutorial Part i said there are 10 parts but well worth it if you want to learn the fmc...rgds ken..good luck

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Prozac919 Trainee

I fly 737s for real and I have a hard time with PMDG's FMC.

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kieranja First Officer

i have mastered it now so maybe on next flight i on i shall go up to cokpit and tell captian to get out way as i am more experianced lol

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Randy (Oldgeek) Trainee

I have read through the manual and an configure the FMC....sort of. But I am trying to figure out how to import the data from FSBuild.

I have FSBuild all setup to export the flight plan into the 737/747 but when I get into the FMC...I find no way to get the flight plan.

Does anyone have a clue as to where it is and how I can access it?


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renesis Trainee

Hi Oldgeek,

I don't use FSBuild (yet) but I do use PMDG. I know that there is a flightplans folder within the PMDG folder (in turn located in your FS main folder). Inside this route folder are the routes which PMDG can call up. They end in .rte. Perhaps this is where you could export your FSBuild plans too.

Sorry if you've already tried this or if it doesn't work, its' just a suggestion.

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