Is there supposed to be speach in non-tut missions?

Civili Guest

I decided to try one of the "just for fun" missions, where im flying with a friend and my engine stops. I noticed that there was no speach, only written dialog. Is this how its supposed to be?

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Ryan (737FLIER) First Officer

You only get speech when youi are on multiplayer and have an internet connection. If for some reason you can get voice, make sure it is not a mic problem.

civili Guest

Hmm.Im not sure you understood what i ment. I was talking about that voice of a guy that explains what youre supposed to do, the "microsoft-tutorial guy" 😛 Is he only featured in the tutorial missions?

civili Guest

Oh, and by "friend" i ment the mission-friend. I could only see what was beying said by looking in the log.

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Stevie (moore) Trainee

All my missions have sound, but I have FSX deluxe.

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anonymouse91 First Officer

Let me try and explain it for everyone. He is trying to make a mission and needs the mission player to hear speech (like when you do other missions, you hear the co-pilot, ATC or instructor speaking)

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