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I posted here before about my aircraft constantly deflecting to the left a bit and the problem hasn't changed. Instead it became a very serious annoyance.

I have tracked the problem to the rudder. As soon as I choose "autorudder" the plane no longer deflects. The real problem is - none of my controllers are to blame. EVEN IF I set the null-zones for all rudder related controlls to full, even if I delete all key and controller assignments for rudder, even if I plug the pedals (I use pedals) out completely, as long as auto-rudder is not on, the airplane keeps defelcting to the left. How can I be the only one with this problem if this seems to be a programming thing?!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Jedo Guest

An update: some poeple keep telling me that it's all to blame on the simulated forces and that the deflection is normal. I don't believe that because the deflection is pretty hefty (a few seconds in a 20 degree pitch up attitude and the bank is going past 20 degrees) and because it's constant, thus suggesting that the airplane builders are morons for not taking those forces into account and building a rudder that's always slightly deflected to counteract those forces.

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I'm afraid it's on your end my friend. I haven't heard of anyone having your problem. Only a few queries about "why does my taildragger veer off to the left on takeoff?" This is true expecially with powerful single engine planes. You just have to compensate with a lot of rudder and/or differential braking. That's from engine torque which is not as prominent if at all in the air.

So to blame it on the airplane makers is just not fair. I suggest you recheck all your calibrations and settings. One thing you might try is turn off the P-factor in the realism settings. That might be a beginning for diagnosing the problem.

Good luck


Yea that happens in a real single engine during the take off run you compinsate with some right rudder, I think the sim exagerates it a bit, and In the maule you need some good speed before taking off or the planes left wing dips, and you may crash 🙄

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I have the same issue. Suto rudder fixes this but when not in use I get about 20ft down the runway and it pulls heavily to the left. I can see this for prop due to torqu but on 737's and the like this should not be a factor. So here is the second user with the same issue.

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