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Helicopter pedals

helithierry Guest

Hi there,

I'm a total noob in flight simulation and I'd like to learn to pilot helicopters in FSX (or maybe 2004) and want to get some good equipment.
I'll get a Saitek stick and throttle this week and was thinking about buying pedals too.

But I'm not sure about the way the pedals work in real helicopter. As they control the tail rotor, I guess that if you push the left pedal for instance, the right pedal does the opposite move. Are the helicopter pedals mechanicly connected ? Or can you push both of the pedals completely down?

Well, basically, how close to the reality are the pedals you can buy in game stores (like Saitek pedals ?)

Thanks !!

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CRJCapt Chief Captain

Real helicopter pedals are called anti-torque pedals because they control the pitch of the tail rotor blades which balance the torque of the main rotor. The pedals are mechanically connected so that as you push one, the other moves also(opposite). You can't push both pedals.

I have the CH pedals, they move in the same basic way as the real pedals but the movement geometry is somewhat different. Real helicopter pilots use the balls of the feet instead of sliding the entire foot as with my pedals. You can buy very realistic helicopter pedals but the cost can exceed $500. The CH products or Saitek pedals work well for a reasonable price.

helithierry Guest

Thank you for being so quick and accurate. I won't invest that much money yet so I'll probably go for the Saitek or CH ones for now Wink

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