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Can anyone advise me on how to properly use the rudder in FS9!

I'll explain; when taking off in a crosswide, using the rudder by pressing either Keypad 0 or Keypad Enter just once causes far too much direction change. When landing in a crosswind, it seems to have little effect when airbourne (I can't get a "crab" going) and again, too much effect once on the runway. Thus, I tend to land on bank (roll) alone (not ideal when making last minute direction corrections!). Plus, I don't have 3 hands so holding the stick and controlling the throttles makes rudder use impossible.

I don't have pedals so maybe that's the problem but does anyone else without pedals find rudder use tricky?


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You need to get a joy stick with twist function or Rudder pedals to use the Rudder with any accuracy. Without either of these, use auto rudder and avoid crosswind landings. Yes, the Rudder is very tricky without pedals.

The rudder is used to maintain coordinated flight, keep the ball of the inclinometer centered. Rudder is also used to maintain aircraft alignment during crosswind landings.


Joystick with twist eh? I like the idea of that! I'll look out for one....

My current stick is truly rubbish. It has limited movement and is generally not nice to use (only plus point is high number of buttons and a hat (toggle) switch - great for view swivelling).

Anyway, thanks for the quick reply; you seem to be one of most active members on these "How do I...???" type forum questions, so much appriciated.

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