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Has anyone out there ever gotten a virus from downloading real-world weather. My dad says that the reason that the ATC wasn't responding was because I probally got a virus from downloading the real-world weather. I doubt if that was the reason. But I just ran into a problem where ATC wasn't responding so I just opened another flight plan to the same destination and it worked.

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I doubt you will get a virus from using real weather,but who knows these days
Fs9 is a very complex bit of programming with little bits working with and for each other,and it just got its wires crossed

So far,I think the flight sim community is a virus free zone and I have been flying since fs 98 and d/loaded 1000s of bits and bobs and never picked up anything nasty

But you should still run any d/loads through your anti virus prog before opening.......just incase

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You can get a virus just by being connected to the Internet, and it's even easier if you have a high-speed connection that's "always on," as opposed to dial-up. What you're downloading may have nothing to do with it.

I get viruses pretty often at work, where due to my employer's policies, I never download ANYTHING that isn't work related.

You just have to keep your virus definition files updated, do a full system scan often, and hope that when you get something it won't be too damaging.


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