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This addon has been dis-cuss'd previously in the addons forum. It's been a while and more O us have downloadeed it. I'm canvasin this forum now for a 2nd o-pin-uon.

effieveda wrote
Warning - stay away from FSX_GA_TRAFFIC. It can be found on this site under Flightsim Downloads > FSX utilities. I downloaded and installed FSX_GA_TRAFFIC from your site. A huge mistake! Now I've got traffic alright, but my fps took a big hit. Went from a reasonable 20 to 25 with most settings at medium to about 6 after the install. Now even with all settings set to minimum. I get about 10 fps and that's just looking at a plane sitting parked. Nothing is moving. So I uninstalled it and it made no difference.

from Flyaway downloads page;
FSX GA-Traffic second release candidate. GA-Traffic is the first fully automatic general aviation (GA) traffic generator, now for FSX.
Compatibility: Microsoft Flight Simulator X
Filesize: 6.59 MB
Added on: Apr-06-2007
Downloads: 137

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I had installed your program and it worked great.
But I had recently installed SP1 and TrafficX and lost all my GA traffic at my small airports. I have tried to re-compile GA Traffic and it does show up in my scenery folder but still no traffic at small airports.
I am not sure which install is causing the problem (SP1 or TrafficX)
Any suggestions?
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Okay I deleted the TrafficX bgl and all my small airport traffic is back. There is a conflix between TrafficX and GATraffic. I like the airline traffic, however most of my flying is done at small airports so I am sticking with GATraffic.

I'm looking for folks who have this addon running satisfactoraly in their FSX.

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I took the risk and installed GA

italics are oldsamer's anotation to parts of the FSX_GA_Traffic readme

This is the second Release Candidate of FSX GA-Traffic. The version is not compatible with GA-Traffic for FS9 or the previous BETA version! It only works withs FSX. (and FSX sp1)

To install just extract the ZIP to a temporary folder and start the setup.exe. (Did my winXp extract after D/L ?, I didn't have to do this, it was "extracted" within the zip folder I downloaded)

I recommend a max traffic generation setting of 50% or less. If you have special AI optimized planes and a high end computer you could try 70%, but more will you give so much traffic that it is difficult or impossible to send a communication message. (My airline traffic is 0% & general aviation is 100% without problems)

IMPORTANT: All traffic generated with FSX GA-Traffic will be shown in FSX, regardless of the slider settings in FSX!
So please don't generate more traffic than your computer can handle! (havn't so far)

New Features:
I added a new feature, which allows to select or deselect whole countries in the Airports Tab. To use this feature I recommend to first select "World" and then remove "Use" and press apply. This will deselect ALL countries. After that go to the countries you want and select the "Use" for the country you want, press apply and select the next country. After finishing that the "Generate Flightplan" will only generate Flightplans for the selected countries. To select all countries again, just select "Use" at "World".
(I did that, then only selected to use Texas. Then un-selected with (?) all aircraft except yellow cubs. and use only small fields by student pilots. also setup GA to use max ramp parking spaces.)

note: ya gotta "generate flightplan" before starting FSX !!

Now TEXAS is populated by 100s of yellow cubs flying touch and gos... YA

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