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I've just installed FDC Live Cockpit on my Vista PC (needed to turn off UAC to install correctly) and it runs fine except the Update function doesn't work and neither does connecting to FSX. I did a bit of digging around in the logs and found that the Update problem was something to do with MSINET.OCX. I've managed to update it manually but now when I try to connect it to FSX, it gives out this error:

ActiveX component can't create object in 'SetupDirectSound' routine

I've had a look on the FDC forums and one of the support team staff said that you should try reinstalling (I don't think thats the issue) or it could be a problem with a dll or ocx file (which I think it is). I have tried again and again to re-register the ocx file, placing it in different folders and I've tried downloading a newer version of it but still nothing. Anyone got any ideas?

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Yes likewise, i have had the same problem too... i cant figure this out, i have hunted everywhee over the web, cant find a solution.. have you managed to find the problem yourself yet.. please let me know if you do.

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Yep. From a few people helping me, I managed to fix it. To fix the MSINET.OCX problem, try typing this in a cmd prompt:
regsvr32 /u msinet.ocx

That should fix that problem. If you still have the ActiveX problem when trying to connect to FSX, reinstall FDC Live Cockpit then do an update.


Yep.. sorted it... clicked on update again and the extra info i needed downloaded and installed itself... now all is working.. thanks.

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I need help with this issue. I saw your comment on how to fix it but it does not work for me. Can you please explain it to me?



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