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fsx baggage doors

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😕 if tried to make the baggage doors of an airliner open for a long time
pls tell me how to get the baggage viecles and the baggage doors open

key comands???[/b]

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You can get the baggage trucks by opening the doors (Shift-E) and quickly releasing Shift-E and then quickly press 2 so it is (Shift-E 2).

You can also get the jetway to come if you park well enough (on the yellow line). You press Ctrl-J to get the jetway. I think it only works on the commercial jets (Boeing 747-400, Boeing 737-800, and the Airbus A321). You can get the fuel truck by pressing Shift-F. And you can get the pushback truck by pressing Shift-P. The pushback truck will only come if you are near the zone it will pushback in (near the yellow line) and only if there is one at the gate or parking spot. For the jetways you need to have "Advanced Animations" on. Most all the other vehicles at the airport will not interact with your airplane. They just drive around and make it seem more real, which it does (at least to me).

Hope this helps


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david (fs98hater) Trainee

k il try it 😎

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these commands are all in the game as well under your setting and controls or something like that.

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